Foam N' Seal FNS300

Foam Dispensing Gun

$ 19.95 $ 39.95

Foam N' Seal FNS300 Polyurethane Foam Sealant Dispenser

The Foam N' Seal™ FNS300 is our mid-range insulating foam dispensing gun. It is a lightweight and comfortable grip that makes the FNS300 easy to operate. It features a Teflon® coated foam sealant canister screw-on basket to minimize foam from curing on the adapter basket making it easier to remove and install foam sealant canisters. The FNS300 is similar to foam sealant dispensers such as the Handi-Tool™ HT500,  and Touch 'n Foam™ Sharpshooter-X™ foam gun applicator. 

Product Features:
■ Precision foam sealant dispensing for filling, sealing and insulating gaps, cracks and window and door jambs
■ Teflon® coated canister basket/adapter
■ Teflon coated foam control needle
■ Stainless steel check valve
■ Nickel plated gun trigger, body and barrel
■ Brass nozzle tip 
■ Excellent bead control. Variable bead size control from 1/8" to 3"
■ Barbed dispenser tip for attaching plastic extension tubes 
■ No post-dispensing foam drip. Less foam waste
■ Restartable for up to 30 days

■ 11-1/2″ Length 7″ Tall
■ 13 oz
■ Includes two eight-inch long plastic straw tubes for hard to reach areas, and two two-inch fine tip plastic nozzles for fine foam dispensing. The cone shaped tip may be cut to control foam dispensing depending on foam flow requirements. The eight-inch plastic straws and two-inch narrow tip nozzles are also available for purchase in our accessories section.


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